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Breast is Best (in english now)

This post is for a friend.
It's hard to breatsfeed. Although it's a natural process. Although it seems easy. Although you love your baby more than anything.
What you need to know is: do you really want to breastfeed?
If you do, rule number one is: not to listen to comments from mothers, mother in law's, friends... Follow your heart. Follow what you know is best for you and your baby.
You ask me what to do to have more milk.
Nothing. Don't do anything.
Let your baby tell you when he's hungry. When he does, give him milk. Don't wait i don't know how many hours. WHO (worls health organization) says your baby must feed when he is hungry. YOU eat when you are hungry.
Your mother, mother in law, husband and all your friends don't sit waiting for it to be the time the nurse said for them to eat. They go and eat some fruit or a sandwich.
If your thirsty, you don't go and get a cup of water?

Tricks to have good milk: eat well. Carbohydrates . Pasta, bread and cereal. Eat healthy and variety. Do you feel like something sweet? Eat it. You feel like an orange? Eat it!
You don't need to drink too much water!
Tricks to have more milk: are you tiered? Rest!
Tricks to have more milk: don't give your baby ANYTHING ELSE!.
Your body produces milk. It doesn't just dry off. When the baby breastfeeds, your breast refils. The more he drinks, the more you'll have.
You can do it. If you want to, you can!
Why?! Because women have been doing this for thousands of years. Because our milk is so good, someone thought of making a cheap copy and call it “formula”, which is expensive, and we go and buy fake, when we have the original for free, warm and ready to go...
We can do it. Starving mothers, undernourished mothers from countries full of difficulties and REAL hunger give their milk to their babies, and they grow and milk grows in them.
They can do it!
And you have to look at yourself and say that you can too. You must beleive it! You must be a mother and stop letting others tell you you are less a mother. You are THE mother. And you have milk. Enough milk.
Do you belive it?
I do!

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